Anna’s Story

This is a beautiful story from Anna, honest about the adversities we can face, but with an inspiring turnaround and positive outlook. Anna’s page can be found here: I urge everyone to give it a read, fantastic content up there. At 15 Anna was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety disorders. This started a journey […]

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Nicola’s Story

Thanks to Nicola for this story! (Personal friend of mine without a blog, hence no share) “I wanted to share my happy ending story of a lifetime of on-and-off depression. My first episode of depression was triggered by a very traumatic relationship break-up when I was aged 26. I had always been an insular child […]

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John’s Story

Thanks so much to John, for being the first person to share, and for being brave enough to share in the public sphere that is the internet. “John is 18, and was diagnosed with depressive disorder in March 2016. He was on medication for a year and a half, but now has managed to get […]

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What this blog will be!

My dream for this blog is that it will become a place where people can share their stories about mental health, support each other, and prove that mental conditions can be a gift. Please email me your success stories with mental health, and I’ll make a blog post about them. Just give me your first […]

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